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Chiropractic Assistant/Licensed Massage Therapist


Eliza is a graduate of the Swedish Institute in NYC, the oldest massage therapy school in the United States. She has been practicing for 25 years and is internationally known. Eliza was a lead therapist at the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta, GA, and has worked at prestigious events such as the NYC marathon, US Open, and other international events. She has been featured in numerous publications and in the 1998 Forbes Magazine named her the “Million Dollar Therapist”.

Eliza has spent the past 12 years of her career working in medical massage providing support to doctors and medical staff to enhance the recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Eliza, you may do so via email at info@immersehydrospa.comonline, or by texting/calling Glastonbury Massage Center at (860) 410-4490.


Eliza | (860) 410-4488